Harry Zed Hughes is a contemporary painter working with figuration and abstraction. His paintings reference art history, especially romanticism and symbolism, along with allegorical paintings since the 16th century. Allegory has a connection to myth making, and Hughes uses this as a device to squeeze out conceptual underpinnings from figurative compositions.
Harry Zed Hughes creates mythological paintings in an age stripped of transcendental signifiers. In a consumer-based globalised world of individual choice there is now no singular universal metaphysics. Harry’s mostly large-scale paintings are filled with fluid symbology and open ambiguous spaces between painterly scenes of romanticism and science fiction. Symbols from mythology, literature and history, as well as formal elements, intertwine in a vortex of imaginative fantasy. A galaxy-soup of imagery is incorporated: Spheres - planetary and atomic; mountains and explosions; rings like Jupiter or halos; ‘Muscle spaghetti’; anthropomorphic spirits of every size and shape; tessellated geometry; to create a gaseous heated atmosphere of pressurised other-worldness. Hughes’ outer space is a world of our fantasy led inner psyche, a mythological state we have, in recent times, lost the map to.

2017    VCA Bachelor Fine Art Painting
2014    Advanced Diploma of Visual Art at RMIT Carlton
2010    Bachelor Fine Art RMIT (Drawing) uncompleted (with a 3.5 GPA)

Individual shows
2017   Romantic Site, Seventh Gallery 
           Walpurgis Nebula, Red Gallery 
           Icecream Apococalypse, Little drop of Poison
           Everything merges with the night, piccolo Meccanico
2015   Peripheral Luminosity, Balkon Art Incubator
           February Studio Residency. 2015 First Site Gallery
2014   The Singularity, ArtLand in the Fringe Festival
           Allegory Of Space, First Site gallery
           Scroll, White Night
2013   Fabricate, ArtLand, and Fringe Festival
           Lava flow , Gertrude St projection festival
2010   Pop-up exhibition, DuckMan Gallery, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Group Shows
2018   THE MACFARLANE FUND 2018, Stockroom Gallery, Kyneton
2017   became; becoming; becomes, Gertrude Contemporary
2016   Winter 1706, abandoned building art show
           Worlding, exhibited and curated, VCA Art Space
           Dragonfly, House of Bricks
           Proud, Margret Laurence
2015   Two Fields of Thought, VCA Art Space
           Cosmic Inter-planetary Trans-existent Observation Tunnel Complex: Firstsite Gallery
           Proud, Margret Laurence
2014   Only Human, exhibited and curated, First Site gallery
           incidental , PS50 Gallery
2013   Time Mods, video: and archive, City of Melbourne
2009   Space, Rainbow Hotel
2008   RMIT Fine Art Drawing Art Auction, First Site gallery
2007   Three, Eltham Community Gallery
2017    Tolarno Hotel acquisitive art Award
            Clyde and Co Art prize
2015    VCA Dora McRae Winter Intensive - Figure Painting Masterclass painting prize. 
2014    Rmit adv dip grad show painting award.

2018, The McFarland Fund . Kyneton Residency.
2015, February Studio Residency. First Site Gallery,
2010, DuckMan Gallery, Gunma Prefecture, Japan,