"Scroll" : A multi-screen back lit Projection in White Night as part of "onsite/insite" by RMIT link arts and "Porous Campus" by RMIT School of Art.

Rodda Lane (RMIT City campus) is a space of movement and journeying through space, in particular the movement between enclosed and open spaces. This is reflected in the scrolling painting and sound work that leads the passer by on another journey.  A journey that responds to the site by moving through alternating modes of subterranean cave and emergence into the light.

Rodda lane is defined by the negative space of its surrounding buildings. It emerges as an unusual collection of leftover spaces, almost like a river in a ravine navigating its way around large rocks; in this way it is an organic by-product of a industrial system. "Scroll" hopes to explore this emergence by working with digital mediums, and processing them in such a way that organic elements are evolved.