"Allegory of Space" draws the First Site gallery into a dialogue with art history, with the specific topic of emotional transformation through spatial relationships - from practical/earthbound, to turbulent struggle, to sublime weightless elation. The grotto-esque atmosphere of Gallery 3, like a basement shrine, serves as a potent site for a work about shared myth, and the collective unconscious understanding of the space.


                                                                 Gallery floor sheet

Leader of the Chorus: [685] Weak mortals, chained to the earth, creatures of clay as frail as the foliage of the woods, you unfortunate race, whose life is but darkness, as unreal as a shadow, the illusion of a dream, hearken to us, who are immortal beings, ethereal, ever young and occupied with eternal thoughts, for we shall teach you about all celestial matters; [690] you shall know thoroughly what is the nature of the birds, what the origin of the gods, of the rivers, of Erebus, and Chaos; thanks to us, even Prodicus will envy you your knowledge.

At the beginning there was only Chaos, Night, dark Erebus, and deep Tartarus. Earth, the air and heaven had no existence. [695] Firstly, blackwinged Night laid a germless egg in the bosom of the infinite deeps of Erebus, and from this, after the revolution of long ages, sprang the graceful Eros with his glittering golden wings, swift as the whirlwinds of the tempest. He mated in deep Tartarus with dark Chaos, winged like himself, and thus hatched forth our race, which was the first to see the light. [700] That of the Immortals did not exist until Eros had brought together all the ingredients of the world, and from their marriage Heaven, Ocean, Earth and the imperishable race of blessed gods sprang into being. Thus our origin is very much older than that of the dwellers in Olympus. We are the offspring of Eros.

(Aristophanes, Birds).


Conceptual envisioning by mankind since ancient times has been cultivated by propsopopoeia – the personification of abstract ideas. 

I am exploring eros as opposed to logos.

Psychic relatedness as opposed to objective interest. 

I believe eros to be the foundation of art.

Art is everything that cannot be put into words, it is unconscious.

Everything exists as an embodiment of emotional resonance.

Emotional transformation is explored through spatial relationships - from practical/earthbound, to turbulent struggle, to sublime weightless elation.